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What Now?

The title came from the sermon in church yesterday. However, it fits perfectly to what happens now that I have made official Innovative Solutions Consulting LLC.

I remember the day in July 2018 vividly. My daughter was born. The personification of joy came into the world. Knowing I was now blessed with the gift of a daughter (to go along with my son), I decided to take the next step in my dream. I went home later and registered this company with the Indiana Secretary of State. I wanted to remember this day so I tied it with the beauty and solace of life.

Since that day, I have been walking a path of faith to this moment. From my time as a System Administrator for Indiana Career Connect, I always knew I wanted to have a business that would help people. I was not sure how at the time but I wanted to be one of those vendors who was part of an RFP. I knew I could bring something unique to the space.

Later in positions in the corporate industry, I honed my skills in Agile Coaching/Project Management and User Centered Design as an independent contractor with Employ Indy. I enjoyed projects because of the connections and collaboration that is needed to accomplish a goal. Everyone bringing their collective wills toward something bigger than what could be done by themselves.

Recently, I have been reading the book "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek. Its challenged me to understand and document why Innovative Solutions Consulting LLC. So far, I have come up with the statement "We believe that relationships built on empathy and mutual respect can provide sustainable solutions to our communities and the world." At the core, I want the business to be about helping groups solve problems that will provide positive impact to the world.

Like I mentioned earlier, this has been a journey of faith. Everything I have experienced to this point has brought me to his moment. I feel grateful to my family and friends for the support I have received. Mostly importantly I am grateful to God for Psalm 55:22. I am excited about the future.

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