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Agile Project Management

Our favorite agile saying is "Stop Starting, Start Finishing."  This saying encapsulates what Agile Project Management means to us.  The Agile Methodology creates a structure that embraces change, but still produces minimal viable product (MVP) quicker.

We have performed SCRUM, Kanban and Scrumban Agile practices and are very comfortable in converting a Waterfall project into an Agile one.  Time and time again, Agile has proven itself as being a robust way to approach projects.  The ability to have a contact feedback loop with the customer is revolutionary but yet very familiar and straight forward to understand.


We have the expertise to assist in building a backlog, assigning roles and facilitating your daily stand up as the SCRUM Master.  The use of Agile tracking tools such as JIRA and Trello provide transparency to the Agile team and external stakeholders.  With everything we do, our goal is to add levity and empathy to our approach to build strong and productive Agile teams.

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