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Agile Methodology Coaching

If you have a strong Project Management Office or DevOps but want to pivot to a methodology that encourages failing fast and resilience, Agile may be the right fit for you.

Our approach to Agile coaching focuses on building trust, relationship and enjoying the process.  This helps with the angst of change and gets the team more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  We leverage a training strategy of using toy building blocks to teach even the most novice user the core concepts of Agile.


The goal is to equip your team and organization with the necessary tools to facilitate SCRUM, Kanban or Scrumban Agile methodologies.  We stay with you all the way until you feel comfortable managing on your own.  That also includes periodic check ins to analyze the health of your team.  Success for us is defined by teams that can navigate changes while keeping strong velocity and focus.

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